‘Big Brother: All-Stars’: Were the Right People Nominated in Week 2? (POLL)

Big Brother Season 22
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Big Brother: All-Stars Season 22, Episode 5.]

Big Brother: All-Stars stayed strong in week two as HOH Memphis Garrett (Season 10) was forced to unveil nominees for eviction before the end of the Sunday, August 16 episode.

The strategic player was stumped on how to use his power but was positive of one thing — he wanted everyone to use their Safety Suite pass. The pass allows houseguests to compete for safety that week, along with another player of their choosing if they beat out the other participants.

The more people that play the Safety Suite, the more the odds are stacked against players. While this was a good thing for Memphis as he retains his Safety Suite power, many houseguests lost their chance to use it in the future. Christmas Abbott (Season 19), who is aligned with Memphis, ended up winning the Safety Suite competition this week, leading her to save returning Big Brother winner Ian Terry (Season 14).

This move frustrated Memphis as he’d been planning to nominate Ian, so he was forced to reevaluate his decisions. Ultimately, he nominated David Alexander (Season 21) and Nicole Anthony (Season 21) with the reasoning that David needed to experience the obstacles of game play and earn his place after being the first houseguests eliminated in his season.

Big Brother Season 22

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Memphis told Nicole A. that he nominated her because she hadn’t competed in the Safety Suite challenge. Were these reasons good enough for the two to be put on the chopping block? Let us know what you think in the poll below and stay tuned to see how things turn out later this week when the veto competition and eviction take place.

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