Real Life Clashes With Fantasy Game Life in The CW’s ‘Dead Pixels’ (VIDEO)

The CW Sargon Yelda as Usman
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Created by Jon Brown (Veep), Dead Pixels follows Meg (Alexa Davies), Nicky (Will Merrick) and Usman (Sargon Yelda) who are obsessed with the online fantasy game Kingdom Scrolls.

Their misadventures are chronicled in Dead Pixels which premieres Tuesday, August 18 on The CW.

The CW Dead Pixels Alexa Davies as Meg

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Meg would happily cut a date short to go home and defend Castle Blackfinger. Nicky thinks the miscasting of Vince Vaughn as Tanadaal in the Kingdom Scrolls movie is an international outrage. And Usman has made a plywood lid for his child’s playpen, so he can play the game in peace.

Oh, and Nicky definitely isn’t into Meg. That would be a cliché.

The series is split equally between the characters’ tragicomic real lives and their computer-animated stories.

The CW Dead Pixels Bear

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On the series premiere episode, “Bears,” Meg’s entire life revolves around her favorite online game, Kingdom Scrolls, that she plays with her friends Nicky and Usman, often to the detriment of her love life.

But when Russell (David Mumeni), the hot new guy at work, shows her some interest, she invites him into her online world and things quickly go awry.

Dead Pixels, Premiere, Tuesday, August 18, 8/7c, The CW