Netflix’s ‘World’s Most Wanted’ Profiles 5 Alleged International Criminals

World's Most Wanted Netflix

A terrorist, a cartel boss, a Mafia godfather — they’re some of the most dangerous people around, as well as subjects of the series World’s Most Wanted.

Exec producer Thomas Zribi turned to the FBI and international law-enforcement agencies to pick five alleged criminals to profile: Each comes from a different part of the world and was involved in varying crimes. But, says Zribi, they have one thing in common: “A lot of blood on their hands.”

Zribi and his fellow directors dug deep, interviewing police, victims and coconspirators to discover who people like Sinaloa drug cartel head Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada-Garcia are and how they became killers.

World's Most Wanted Netflix

(Credit: Netflix)

Aside from Félicien Kabuga, the architect of the Rwandan genocide who has since been arrested, the show’s subjects were still at large at the time of filming.

“It’s important to remember that, while these criminals are still living their lives freely,” explains Zribi, “their victims deserve justice.”

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