‘Amy Schumer Learns to Cook’: Kitchen Dos & Don’ts From Amy and Chris

Amy Schumer Learns to Cook
Food Network

Of all the self-shot series made in this socially distanced era, few are as charmingly funny as Amy Schumer Learns to Cook. Starting August 17, the recent Emmy nominee for Unstructured Reality Program serves up more flirty lessons with the comedian and her husband, James Beard Award–winning chef Chris Fischer.

Among this round’s dishes: steamed then grilled artichokes with lemon butter and skirt steak and creamed spinach with summer squash. If you try the recipes later (see foodnetwork.com), be sure to follow the rules of this couple’s kitchen!

DON’T be afraid of a cocktail while cooking.

Schumer, once a New York City bartender, shows off her repertoire of drinks, from palomas to hot toddies, which the couple enjoy midprep.

DO add fennel.

Fischer uses his favorite vegetable in applesauce, scones, salads and more, explaining, “It’s about representing the underrepresented.” His wife is not a fan — but in the series’ best running gag, fennel keeps popping up.

Amy Schumer Learns to Cook

(Credit: Food Network)

DON’T panic about missing ingredients.

The two consistently find creative solutions in their not-quite-stocked quarantine kitchen. No ginger beer for a Moscow mule? Fischer steeped ginger in homemade simple syrup (equal parts water and sugar) to achieve the same effect.

DO phone a friend.

Schumer regularly relies on famous pals for input, inspiration and motivation. Jennifer Lawrence shared her roast chicken recipe, for example, and Danny DeVito got a martini named in his honor. Wait, is that the phone ringing?

Amy Schumer Learns to Cook, Returns Monday, August 17, 10/9c, Food Network