‘Bold and the Beautiful’ Star Courtney Hope Says So Long to Sally Spectra

Courtney Hope on The Bold and the Beautiful
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Courtney Hope has wrapped her three-year run as Bold and the Beautiful’s Sally Spectra. Wednesday, August 5 is her final air date.

After Wyatt (Darin Brooks) learned that ex Sally was faking her medical condition and that she had tied his girlfriend Flo (Katrina Bowden) to a radiator, he suggested she stay away from them. Sally will be heeding that strongly worded suggestion.

TV Insider spoke to Hope about her exit, the fan support she’s received especially over her recent powerhouse performances, and her plans for the future. Could another soap be in her future? Maybe. Read on for the scoop.

So, Wednesday, August 5 is your last air date — for now. The show has invited you back in the past after resting the character. Maybe this isn’t the end?

Courtney Hope: Yeah. We never know ever. [Change] is really consistent in this industry. Hopefully, and I’ve had long talks with Brad [Bell, executive producer/head writer]…but for now, this is where Sally bows out. This is where I have to take it. Life keeps going.

Did you always know that Sally was faking her “fatal” illness?

No. Not at all. As far as I knew, she was dying. People were going to gather around her. The ending, I don’t believe, was fleshed out. Somewhere along the way, they changed their mind. It became a lie. I understand it. But Sally’s a beam of light in a lot of ways. She has a lot of really uplifting qualities. The thought of her going out with a fatal illness was morbid. It’s unfortunate because even the brightest light of people go through dark times. That’s when they truly shine and find their strength. I was looking forward to finding that light. When I found out where it was going, everything had to change it. I had to play it differently.

Your last episodes have been so powerful. How does the fan reaction to your recent scenes make you feel?

It’s made me feel wonderful. I poured my heart and soul into all that Sally is… especially over the end of this storyline. There was a lot that needed to be said and understood. These last few moments have made such an impact. I’m just happy that everyone felt that same way and that people had that response. It made me feel like I did my job. Sally made mistakes, absolutely. People do. It was nice to see that recognized.

But she had been having some symptoms due to the stress correct? It’s not like she woke up one day and came up with this plan to lie that she was dying.

Correct. Not at all.

Sally’s actions have led her to become an outcast, but so have Thomas’ (Matthew Atkinson). It seemed natural that the ex-lovebirds might help each other heal, but maybe Sally has to help herself first.

Yes. I think that’s healthy. I’ve never been one to think that someone else can fix you. I do think that Sally should have some time alone … [but] I always enjoy Sally and Thomas together. And I loved who Sally was with Wyatt. It may have been more adult. Sally has grown up now. Thomas may have, too. It’d be interesting to see them together right now. It’d be fire on fire. Wyatt and Sally were nice together, Thomas and Sally are a nice fighting team.

Do you have plans for the future? You’ve worked in the video game world. Might there be more of that work for you — especially in the age of coronavirus?

Absolutely. Voiceover [work] in the video game world is something I’ve done since I’ve been acting. I have a studio quality set up in my home. We recorded the last DLC [downloadable content] during quarantine from my house. That helps. It’s more feasible during this time. There’s less interaction. That’s something I’ll be working on.

I’m also writing a couple of scripts. I really truly believe that everything happens for a reason. I’m going to miss everyone [at B&B]. But you never know. I had three wonderful years with wonderful actors and diligent artists. I know I’m going to see everyone again. I have faith. I have trust whatever is meant to be will be.

There are three other soaps. Would you like to stay in daytime?

Yes, I think it’s always an option. If you have a really good story and character… I’d love to have any opportunity wherever it lies and where I can make a difference. If that’s in daytime, great. If it’s on another platform, I’m open to that, too. I know how daytime works. It’s its own wheelhouse and skillset, [and] I’m fortunate enough to have that.


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📝An abrupt ending to a monumental journey. The last three years have been amazing, and though I do not know what the future holds this chapter of Sally has sadly come to an end. I love my @boldandbeautifulcbs cast and crew and will miss everyone dearly, but await the day we may all play again. Some things are out of our control, and I thank the fans for your support through it all! Until then, I revel in new beginnings and everything the future has in store. 🙌🏼✨ Love you all, Sally spectra out 👩🏼‍🦰 ✌🏽 📖📘

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If [your real-life boyfriend] Chad Duell (Michael) needs a kissing double on General Hospital, are you open to stepping in?

I’m not sure how they’re doing it over there. I’m sure they’re following the same protocols. Chad has so many stories going on over there! I wouldn’t be opposed to it. [Laughs] I have enough faith in myself that I wouldn’t be halting production.

Is the industry offering opportunities to actors already in a relationship?

Yes. It is a great time. Chad and I have had a lot of self-tape [submissions] to play love interests. I do think that that’s plausible. At this time, it’s ‘We need a couple to be on set and these guys live together anyway?’ I can’t speak for the whole industry, but it seems like it would be a benefit.

Is there a superhero you’d like to play on a CW show?

I’d love to play [Batman villainess] Poison Ivy. I’ve actually been up for that part a couple of times on a few different shows. That’s in my aura, if you will. Perhaps that will eventually come to play. When I was younger, I went up for a lot of superhero stuff. That’s absolutely my goal – I’d love to dive into the DC and Marvel worlds. And I truthfully feel I will. I meditate on it so much it has to cross my path, at least an opportunity. As much as I want to say, I’d love to play Poison Ivy, hands down, but if another role came along, like [Firestorm villainess] Plastique… I don’t want to limit myself to the redhead roles, but those are my favorites.

Do you have a shoutout to the fans?

Yes. I’m so thankful for the opportunity I had. Sally Spectra will forever be a part of me. I appreciate everyone’s support and confidence in what I brought to that character and how she was accepted. The fans allowed me into their homes. I couldn’t ask for anything more than that. I’m very thankful. Now, on to the next adventure.

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