Alt-History Hillary Clinton Series ‘Rodham’ in the Works at Hulu

Hillary Clinton
Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Hulu is set to develop an alt-history series based on Curtis Sittenfeld’s novel Rodham, which imagines a world in which Hillary Clinton never married Bill.

Optioning the rights to the book, the streamer will bring the story of Hillary’s early years to life deviating from her relationship with Bill and following the developing of her mind, which moves between idealism and cynicism. According to Variety, Sara Treem is attached to the series as both a writer and executive producer.

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Treem is best known for her work on Showtime’s The Affair, which she created and wrote for five seasons. Joining Treem is executive producer Warren Littlefield who has worked on both The Handmaid’s Tale and Fargo.

If the series is given a greenlight, this will be the second title to focus on the former Secretary of State and former First Lady who was the subject of Hulu’s four-part docuseries Hillary. The TV event, which debuted in March of this year, chronicled her 2016 presidential campaign.


Hillary (Credit: Barbara Kinney/Courtesy of Hulu)

Only time will tell if Hulu will give the title a series order, but there’s certainly a strong team behind the early stages of this project. Stay tuned for any updates about the alt-history series as they’re revealed.