‘The Speed Cubers’ Dives Into the Competitive World of Rubik’s Cube Tournaments

The speed cubers

Think trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube is pure fun?

This fascinating doc dives into the competitive world of Rubik’s Cube tournaments that are high on tension (average six-sided cubes are typically solved in under seven seconds), but low on trash talk.

“Cubers will teach each other faster algorithms, they’ll fix their friends’ cubes and cheer for each other,” director Sue Kim says of the fiercely supportive atmosphere.

the speed cubers

(Credit: Netflix)

At the heart of the film, viewers will see if the friendship between two cubers — 23-year-old Aussie Feliks Zemdegs (the only contender to win the World Cube Association World Championship twice) and 17-year-old American rival Max Park — can hold up as they vie to win at the 2019 World Championships.

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