‘Briarpatch’ Canceled, Creator Says Had ‘Amazing Story’ Planned for Season 2

Briarpatch Season 1 Rosario Dawson
John Britt/USA Network

Briarpatch has come to the end of its line at USA as creator Andy Greenwald addressed fans in a letter via social media.

“Hey, friends. Just wanted to let you know some disappointing news before your hear it from anyone else: Briarpatch isn’t returning for another season at USA. Though I’ve known for months, it’s still a bummer,” he starts honestly.

“We had an amazing story planned for S2 and I was lucky enough to work with the most amazing writers and crew, all of whom were itching to get back to work,” he continues.

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The series, which debuted in February 2020, aired 10 episodes and concluded its first season run in April. Questions about the show’s uncertain fate had loomed heavily when USA began airing installments outside of its original time slot.

Briarpatch follows Rosario Dawson‘s Allegra Dill, an investigator who returns to her hometown in Texas after her sister is murdered. The show begins with her search for the killer and quickly turns into a fight to bring her corrupt town to justice. Starring Dawson, Jay R. Ferguson, Brian Geraghty, Edi Gathegi, Kim Dickens, Alan Cumming and Ed Asner, the series is based on Ross Thomas’s novel of the same name.


(Credit: Scott McDermott / ©USA Network / Courtesy Everett Collection)

Greenwald goes on to explain in his letter that the team behind the show were anxious to begin Season 2 but for the time being, they’ll have to table things. “I think we were going to do something special. And, hey, maybe we will. If enough people keep checking the show out on demand, anything’s possible — especially for an anthology series as weird as this one,” Greenwald continues.

“Nothing’s ever over until it’s over. But if it’s over? What a way to go,” he adds. See Greenwald’s full letter to fans below: