‘All Star Best Thing I Ever Ate’ Reveals the Fav Picks of TV Chefs

All Star the Best Thing I Ever Ate with Anne Burrell
Courtesy of Food Network

Beginning Monday, July 20 on Food Network, All-Star Best Thing I Ever Ate will check in with Martha Stewart, Duff Goldman, Geoffrey Zakarian and Anne Burrell, and more to find where they go for their fav picks of classic and creative dishes.

Whether it is the most sensational giant steaks, stacked sandwiches, old-school burgers, or one of a kind dishes, Food Network icons showcase the best bites they have tasted, while also giving viewers an up close and personal look at recipes to make at home.

Sunny Anderson, Valerie Bertinelli, Alton Brown, Bobby Flay and Alex Guarnaschelli also share some of their own personal recipes that take on each episode’s culinary theme, perfect for viewers at home.

Tune in for the first episode of All-Star Best Thing I Ever Ate on July 20 and get ready to head to hot spots in Las Vegas, NYC, Chicago, Atlanta, and more cities.

All-Star Best Thing I Ever Ate, Premiere, Monday, July 20, 9/8c, Food Network