Katherine Langford Talks the Intense Physical Training for ‘Cursed’ (VIDEO)

Netflix’s upcoming retelling of Arthurian legend, Cursed, has one seriously badass lady at its helm.

Series star Katherine Langford (13 Reasons Why, Knives Out) plays future Lady of the Lake Nimue (pronounced Nim-Way). Nimue is restless to leave her judgmental clan of Fey, who believe she is cursed because of her element-based abilities, which, to be fair, she sometimes can’t control.

How Did 'Cursed' Change From Book to Screen? Tom Wheeler Previews His Netflix SeriesSee Also

How Did 'Cursed' Change From Book to Screen? Tom Wheeler Previews His Netflix Series

Series co-creator and author Tom Wheeler — who worked with illustrator Frank Miller on the YA book — previews the 10-episode Arthurian fantasy.

The actress, a former athlete with a swimming background, looked forward to tackling the intense physical training involved with the drama’s 10-episode first season, which included sword fighting, horseback riding, and underwater scenes. “I was really excited to use my body for a role because I’d never really done that [before],” Langford admits.

In the beginning of the series, a tragic attack on her home forces Nimue away from her people, as she is tasked by her mother to deliver a mystical sword to the magician Merlin (Gustaf Skarsgård), kickstarting a wild adventure — and steamy romance — alongside knight Arthur (Devon Terrell).

Cursed Season 1 Merlin

Gustaf Skarsgård as Merlin on Cursed (Netflix)

“Along that journey, she really has to embrace all of herself, including all the parts that she doesn’t know and that she’s afraid of, in order to find the courage to fight in the face of adversity and fight for the people that she loves,” Langford says. She adds: “[This series] really shows a young woman coming into her womanhood, which is such an important story that we don’t really see.”

Check out the full video interview above.

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