‘United We Fall’s Will Sasso Previews More In-Law Trouble for Bill & Jo

United We Fall
ABC/Kelsey McNeal

ABC’s latest family comedy, United We Fall, traverses the ins and outs of dealing with in-laws — and the ties that bind are starting to get seriously tangled. In fact, put-upon parents Bill and Jo (Will Sasso and Christina Vidal Mitchell) are struggling to raise their two daughters under the same roof as his mother, Sandy (Saturday Night Live icon Jane Curtin), who has recently moved in.

Could Jo’s super-opinionated brother and business partner, Chuy (Scandal‘s Guillermo Diaz), actually make things easier for the stressed couple? We’ll see. “Rounding out the family is always fun in a sitcom,” Sasso (MADtv) says. “You get to develop the chemistry between these characters, and it’s been [great] to play.”

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First Look: Parenting Is Tough in ABC's New Comedy 'United We Fall' (VIDEO)

Will Sasso and Christina Vidal Mitchell play parents Jo and Bill, who remain united against everyone — especially their kids.

Fittingly, this week’s outing is all about playing and family dynamics. Worried that their eldest, iPad-dependent Emily (Ella Grace Helton), is too plugged-in, Bill and Jo decide to enroll her in a soccer clinic run by Chuy. “He has a domineering attitude,” Sasso says. “He [thinks he has] all the answers — even though he doesn’t.” (Twins Ireland and Sedona Carvajal play Emily’s younger sister, preschooler Lulu.)

Not that Bill’s side of the family is any less overbearing. With matriarch Sandy installed in their home, Bill and Jo are subjected to an endless parade of unwelcome parenting tips, which turn into hilarious pile-ons once Sandy gets together with Chuy. Sasso, laughing, describes that relationship as one “based completely on them telling Bill and Jo what to do. I would say they have a mad crush on each other because they’re so excited by the other’s ability to break down Bill and Jo.”

United We Fall

(Credit: ABC/Kelsey McNeal)

Still, Sasso adds, this husband-and-wife duo stand, as the title notes, united against the constant slings and arrows of their ultimately well-intentioned relatives. “That’s really something I loved about the script right away,” the comedy veteran says. “These two are on the same team. It’s not one of those shows where it’s like, ‘Oh, I’ve got to deal with this [bleep] again!'”

United We Fall, Wednesday, July 29, 8/7c,ABC