‘Absentia’s Stana Katic Hints at a Very Important Relationship for Emily in Season 3

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For once, life seems tranquil for Emily Byrne (Stana Katic). The FBI special agent has spent the months since Absentia Season 2’s devastating finale serving out her suspension from the bureau and trying to rebuild her relationship with ex-husband and fellow FBI agent Nick (Patrick Heusinger) and their son, Flynn (Patrick McAuley).

But as Season 3 of the thriller opens, that sense of normalcy is upended when a case Nick is working on spirals out of control: He’s kidnapped.

Absentia Season 3

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“That leads Emily down the rabbit hole of a fringe-dwelling world,” teases Katic. When the FBI resists pursuing the kidnappers, Emily suspects a conspiracy and strikes out on her own. “This character is a lone wolf, ultimately,” Katic says.

Emily joins forces with friend and confidant special agent Cal Isaac (Matthew Le Nevez) to find her ex. Katic says viewers should keep an eye on Cal. “The Cal and Emily relationship is very important to Emily,” says Katic.

“It takes many twists and turns. Everything with Cal, from small throwaway lines to purposeful camera angles, is going to give the viewer hints and insights that build toward the finale.” In a series that has featured betrayal after betrayal, let’s hope Emily isn’t in for another one!

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