‘The Order’s Jake Manley: It’s ‘Hard for Jack to Forgive Alyssa’ in Season 2

Jake Manley The Order Season 2 Jack Alyssa Preview

Jack Morton (Jake Manley) headed to Belgrave University in The Order Season 1 and ended up joining not one, but two secret societies: the magical Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose and the Knights of Saint Christopher (werewolves).

He was semi-successful in his goal: he and his grandfather (Matt Frewer) did avenge his mother’s death (though it cost the latter his life) by taking down Edward Coventry (Max Martini), who was the Order’s leader, the season’s Big Bad, and his father. And the two societies did work together to make this happen … only for the Order—including Alyssa (Sarah Grey), which has to put a dampener on her and Jack’s relationship—to then use its memory-erasing powder on the Knights.

Here, Manley previews Jack’s journey in Season 2.

Last we saw the Knights, the Order took their memories. Where do we find them in Season 2?

Jake Manley: They’re manipulated to believe different things off the top, and they start gathering clues and piecing together their memory to figure out what happened and how to get revenge.

Jack’s been torn between the Order and the Knights before. Where does he stand in Season 2?

He starts to question everything he’s believed in, so he’s stuck at a crossroads and has to make some decisions.

The Order Season 2 Knights of Saint Christopher

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Obviously, Jack and Alyssa’s relationship is going to be strained after the finale.

It’s going to be hard off the top for Jack to forgive Alyssa for what she’s done. He has to understand why she’s done it. These are two characters that want to be together, but they have different beliefs and they’re part of two different worlds. It’s just that struggle to try and make things work. I love that these characters have fun together and they are so different in many ways, but what brings them together is their humor and their attraction for each other. It’s a great relationship when it works.

How are Jack’s relationships with the Knights? He was very much reluctant to join them.

Jack uncovers different truths, and he starts to question what he learned in Season 1. He’s always trying to be the moral one and convince people to do things his way. He starts to butt heads with some of the Knights.

At the end of last season, Jack lost his grandfather. How well is he coping?

Jack doesn’t have any family around him, really, and that’s why he relies on the Knights of Saint Christopher. They’re like his little family. And that’s why he wants to be with Alyssa. He needs that closeness. Jack over Season 1 lost so many people: friends, the professor he liked, and his grandfather. And ultimately his dad, who he didn’t really get along with anyway, but yeah, it’s a struggle. This guy’s trying to find that connection.

What are three things everyone should remember going into Season 2?

Anything is possible with magic. There’s a lot of humor that lives in everything. And there’s always more villains that you might think.

Jake Manley The Order Season 2 Jack Morton

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And what are three things that Jack, considering his memories were taken, should remember?

Who did it to him, why they did it, and how he can get all his memories back.

The Order, Season 2 Premiere, Thursday, June 18, Netflix