Rob McElhenney Talks the ‘Sense of Purpose’ Behind ‘Mythic Quest: Quarantine’ (VIDEO)

With the ongoing global pandemic, TV is starting to find ways around the crisis to produce original content. Think of it as “In your face, COVID!” The most recent example of the entertainment business refusing to be kept down is gamers workplace comedy Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet, which just dropped a new episode today on Apple TV+.

The series — co-created by Rob McElhenney, his Always Sunny costar Charlie Day and Community alum Megan Ganz — usually takes place inside a video game development studio staffed with an assortment of oddball and run by McElhenney’s pretentious yet shockingly adept guru Ian Grimm (and that pronounced as “Eye-an,” of course).

For their “Quarantine” episode, the cast instead shot their own footage within their own homes, with McElhenney directing and the show’s crew working together via Zoom. More impressive than the sheer logistical effort of their undertaking, however, is that the episode manages to be hilarious, cleverly executed, and still offer an emotionally impactful look at the mental toll of these times of isolation. And it was all done in three weeks.

We checked in with McElhenney to get more info on shooting the “Quarantine” episode and what this entire situation means for the show’s already-written second season. Check it out above.

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