‘Homecoming’s Janelle Monáe & Stephan James on Their Character’s Quests in Season 2

Homecoming Season 2 Janelle Monae
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Is the sinister Geist Group at it again? On Season 1 of the psychological thriller Homecoming, caseworker Heidi (Julia Roberts, who doesn’t return) learned doctors at the company’s Homecoming facility, who claimed to be helping veterans ease back into civilian life, were actually doing them with memory-erasing drugs so they could return to combat PTSD-free.

Folks are still losing their minds: The sophomore installment opens with a woman (Janelle Monáe) waking up in a rowboat, with no idea who she is.

She embarks on a risky, fast-paced quest to recover her past, beginning with learning her name: Jackie. “Audiences figure out Jackie’s backstory with her,” Monáe says. “She has tenacity, persistence and courage.”

Homecoming Season 2 Janelle Monae Stephan James

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The trail leads to Homecoming’s parent company, where Jackie discovers her life is intertwined with that of Audrey Temple (Hong Chau), the seemingly mousy receptionist who orchestrated a bold power grab at the company in the Season 1 finale.

Jackie also crosses paths with ex-Homecoming resident Walter Cruz (returning star Stephan James). A jarring experience jolts his memory, and he too sets out to learn what happened to him. “He was naive. Now he’s taking control,” James says. “He isn’t relying on anyone to do his dirty work – and it’s going to get dirty.”

Homecoming, Season 2 Premiere, Friday, May 22, Amazon Prime Video