Martin Freeman Details the True Story Behind BritBox’s ‘A Confession’

A Confession Martin Freeman

Many crime dramas end with a suspect in cuffs. On BritBox’s A Confession, the arrest only heats up the action.

Detective Superintendent Steve Fulcher (Martin Freeman) collars the man responsible for a 22-year-old woman’s disappearance and murder. But the case goes sideways when the suspect offers to show where he hid the body of a second victim — and Fulcher fails to follow police procedure.

“He didn’t dot every i and cross every t, so he paid for that,” Freeman says. The series, based on actual events in the U.K., details the fallout and the public outcry surrounding his forced resignation.

Martin Freeman A Confession

(Credit: Britbox)

Siobhan Finneran (Downton Abbey) and Imelda Staunton (the Harry Potter films) play the victims’ mothers. “Without his actions, [they] would never have known closure,” Freeman says of Fulcher. “Most people would think he deserves a medal, not approbation.”

A Confession, Series Premiere, Tuesday, May 12, BritBox