Why Tegan Price Deserves Her Own ‘How to Get Away With Murder’ Spinoff

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After six seasons, How to Get Away With Murder is getting ready to adjourn for good. Even though this means we’re saying goodbye to Annalise Keating (Viola Davis), it doesn’t have to be the end for everyone.

Opening Statement

Since the character’s introduction in Season 4, Tegan Price, played to fierce perfection by Amirah Vann, proved a worthy adversary-turned-friend (wished to turn more?) for the series’ titular star. It didn’t take long for the managing partner of Caplain & Gold to become not only a mentor to Michaela Pratt (Aja Naomi King) but win over fans with her empowering presence inside and outside the courtroom. All these reasons make Price the right person to build a spinoff around. Hey, if another Shondaland family member, Grey’s Anatomy can, why not?


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Making the Case

There are two ways creators could go with another series. Following along with HTGAWM’s love of flashbacks, the clock could be turned back to early in Tegan’s career. It could be similar to Better Call Saul as it puts the pieces together leading up to meeting the Keating crew when her world really turned upside down. Think of it as an origin tale. We know before Tegan worked up the ladder at the top firm, she had been practicing law for the better part of a decade. They could even cut between those early years and the present day.

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The series returns for its final episodes on ABC on Thursday, April 2.

The surface has only been scratched with Tegan’s personal life that could be explored, including coming to grips with her sexuality. She has shown beneath the tough and win-at-all-costs exterior is someone who has a soft spot. That’s shown in the unwavering emotional support provided to Annalise. We also know Tegan found love before in a past marriage to Cora Duncan in which she didn’t want to let go. I think there is natural intrigue from viewers in finding out more.

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Plus, Connor, Michaela, and Oliver get a message from Asher.

The other avenue to take is just continuing the story told with Tegan looking to mourn the loss of Annalise and get past everything she’d been through. Maybe it’s time for a move to a new city and job opportunity? Or she can stay put in Philadelphia taking over the educational reins at Middleton University teaching a new crop of students. Maybe it’s time for the Price 4 or 5 to be recruited? It opens the door to new characters including other faculty to add other arcs to the series. Then there is the work at C&G, which has it’s eclectic mix of high-powered and wealthy clients you could surely sink your teeth into.


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Final Argument

The fact of the matter is the ABC show gave us a wealth of rich and interesting characters. And one of those shining examples in later seasons is Price. There is definitely a sense that we have more meat on the bone as it relates to what made her the boss she is today. Plus, Vann in a short time demonstrated she has the acting chops and scene-stealing ability to anchor a show all her own.

Would you watch a HTGAWM spinoff with Tegan Price at the center? Let us know.

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