‘What We Do in the Shadows’ EPs Preview Trouble From Assassins in Season 2

Kayvan Novak What We Do in the Shadows Season 2 Preview
Russ Martin/FX

The dim-witted Staten Island vampires rise again, and this time, their hilarious idiocy isn’t the only hurdle in their plan for world domination.

Ever since Nandor (Kayvan Novak, above), Nadja (Natasia Demetriou), and Laszlo (Matt Berry) escaped a death sentence for offing an ancient bloodsucker, “The Vampire Council has been sending assassin after assassin to kill them,” says What We Do in the Shadows exec producer Stefani Robinson. Which leads to lots of Buffy-style slaying in secret by Nandor’s protective familiar, Guillermo (Harvey Guillén), who learned in the Season 1 finale he was Abraham Van Helsing’s descendant.

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The mockumentary’s creative team upped their game too when filming on Shadows‘ gloriously macabre Toronto set in winter. “We shot more inside initially because it was so brutally cold for the actors to work outside in the middle of the night,” says exec producer Paul Simms. “Then we got much more imaginative with the sets we were building.” In fact, Season 2 introduces “a lot more fantastical places [and] many new creatures.”

In Wednesday’s two episodes, the gang deals with Nadja and Laszlo’s latest acolyte (Haley Joel Osment) and a spectral infestation. “They summon the ghosts of their former selves,” Simms says, requiring the characters to interact with apparitions of themselves in human form. A pain in the neck, he agrees. “But it’s cool, man.”

Haley Joel Osment Harvey Guillén What We Do in the Shadows Season 2

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What We Do in the Shadows, Season 2 Premiere, Wednesday, April 15, 10/9c, FX