‘God Friended Me’: Did We Just Meet the Person Behind the God Account?

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Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 2, Episode 18 of God Friended Me, “Almost Famous.”]

The God Squad’s quest to find the person behind the God Account continues, but how close are Miles (Brandon Micheal Hall), Cara (Violett Beane), and Rakesh (Suraj Sharma) after Episode 18?

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The latest theory in God Friended Me Season 2 is that the God Account might be a government experiment. After originally suspecting Arthur’s old friend Alphonse Jefferies (Carl Lumbly), the God Squad’s investigation led to his estranged son, Corey. His mother, Marsha (Tonya Pinkins), refused to help, so Cara followed her — to a building that is supposedly a front for DARPA.

Staking out that building got them nowhere in “Almost Famous,” so Cara returned to see Marsha and delivered a message for Corey: meet with her, off-the-record, or she’d publish an article about him testing his code on Miles. Marsha then went to see Arthur (Joe Morton) and insisted that if this God Account, which she claimed no knowledge of, was being used on civilians, her son wasn’t behind it.

Cara Miles Meet Corey God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 18


Furthermore, an Agent Pelham, not Corey, showed up at Cara’s office for the meeting with his own questions. When she only told him to read her article, he threatened her with a lawsuit (and the end of her career). But she called his bluff; he would’ve killed her story already if he was there on government business. She knew Corey just wanted to find out what they knew.

Then, in the episode’s final scene, Marsha had Cara and Miles come to the coffee shop where she worked and directed them to the back. Here, they — and we — met Corey (Scandal‘s Cornelius Smith Jr.). “I heard you have some questions for me,” he greeted them. “Just one: Are you behind the God Account?” Miles asked.

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We’ll have to wait until the next episode to see Corey’s response, but chances are we’ll get answers of some sort either way. The promo (below) doesn’t offer any hints; it focuses on Miles’ next friend suggestion and how he and the others can help.

The initial casting news for Corey suggests that he will at least put Miles on the path to all his answers, if he isn’t the person — or doesn’t know the person — behind the God Account. He was said to have “a deep tie to the God Account” help Miles “take a huge step closer to unmasking who is behind the God Account.” Now, that could have just been to keep his true identity — the one behind it — a secret, but it could go either way. Could Corey at least know the code (the origin) of the God Account?

Whatever happens, we know we should find out something and Corey is going to be key to the rest of the season.

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