How to Chat With Friends While Watching Netflix in Self-Isolation

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Sex Education on Netflix

People across the world are quarantining, self-isolating, and staying away from movie theaters, restaurants, and bars due to the coronavirus pandemic. Luckily, there is still a way to connect with your friends and family during these often lonely times.

One way is via Netflix, which offers a browser extension allowing users to chat with their friends while viewing the same movie or binge-watching a series together.

Though this extension has been around for a while, it’s certainly peaking in popularity as the majority of people are choosing to spend their time indoors for the foreseeable future.

This extension is called “Netflix Party,” and it allows multiple people to watch at the same time.

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Netflix’s Love Is Blind

To get this feature, users must download the extension through the Google Chrome browser and make friends and family do the same thing.

After starting a show, you can then create a “party” and share the link with the person (or people) with whom you are hoping to watch a show or movie.

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Everyone in the “party” will then be able to watch the program together and chat about the experience, much like if they were in the same room!

Do you think you will be using this feature to watch movies or shows with your friends and family? Let us know what you think about it right here in the comments!