Feed the Beast: Dion and Tommy Promote Their New Restaurant (VIDEO)

Kelly Caputo


The Bronx is happening—at least that's what Dion (Jim Sturgess) thinks in this exclusive clip from this week's Feed the Beast.

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Dion and Tommy (David Schwimmer) are finally getting ready to open their high-end restaurant, Thirio, and Dion gets to put his charismatic charm to use trying to woo potential diners on television. The Bronx, Dion believes, are just missing a high-end restaurant, and Thirio will fill that void.

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But it seems like Tommy is a little less thrilled to be there. Is there tension between the restaurateurs? And could the tension have anything to do with Tommy's late-wife, Rie (Christine Adams)? We'll find out more Tuesday night.

In the meantime, watch the exclusive clip below:

Feed the Beast, Tuesday, July 5, 10/9c, AMC.