PBS Kids Celebrates the Fourth of July With ‘Peg + Cat’ and ‘Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood’ (VIDEO)

223b Fireflies and Fireworks -- 01
PBS Kids/The Fred Rogers Company
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

The late Fred Rogers spent his acclaimed career helping little ones negotiate the highs and lows and the glorious in-betweens of life on planet Earth. And his namesake production house, the Fred Rogers Company, is still at it with two PBS Kids programs themed around Independence Day. (Check local listings at pbs.org.)

In the July 1 episode of Peg + Cat—titled “The George Washington Problem”—young Peg and her feline companion Cat use a map to help the one and only George Washington cross the Delaware River. Then, on the July 4 “Fireflies and Fireworks” episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, little Daniel and his family enjoy an Independence Day picnic in the backyard and receive some unexpected firefly guests. Baby sister Margaret gets scared and it’s up to Daniel to hold her hand and help her through the experience. But later, at the neighborhood fireworks spectacular, it’s Daniel who becomes unnerved and needs reassurance!

Enjoy these exclusive clips from both adorable episodes. And have a safe and happy Fourth!