6 ‘This Is Us’ Series Callbacks From ‘The Cabin’ Episode

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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 4, Episode 14, of This Is Us, “The Cabin.”]

This Is Us took viewers on an emotional journey in its latest episode, “The Cabin,” which saw the Big 3 convene at their Pearson family abode for some quality relaxation time. While it may not have been the smoothest ride, overall it was a time filled with promising developments.

Whether it was the siblings understanding over Rebecca’s newly diagnosed illness or finding common ground by reminiscing about the past, Kevin (Justin Hartley), Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Randall (Sterling K. Brown) gave viewers plenty to think about. Surely one of the season’s strongest installments, “The Cabin” offered many callbacks for viewers to pickup on throughout.

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Below, we’re breaking down those nods to past episodes, but beware of major (and emotional) spoilers.

Pearson Family Dream Home

This Is Us The Cabin

(Credit: NBC)

Jack’s (Milo Ventimiglia) sketch for a bigger cabin on their land may have just been a dream for him, but the emergence of he sketch immediately connected with the house viewers have seen the Pearsons living in in the future. The small planted idea is later proven, but Jack’s little dream reminds us a lot about his idea for Big 3 Homes — the building company he’d been planning to create prior to his death. The sketch and house were a nice little nod to his other aspirations fans have come to know.

The Pool Puzzle

This Is Us The Cabin

(Credit: NBC)

Sure, the image may not be from one of the episodes where the Pearson family visited their public pool, but their bathing suits in the photo which makes up the puzzle Randall and Kate work on in the episode, is a sweet nod to their adventures there. The detail adds another layer of nostalgia to the already emotional episode.

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Toby’s Toys

This Is Us baby Jack

(Credit: NBC)

In this episode, Toby (Chris Sullivan) shows off his Star Wars toys to baby Jack while Kate’s away and the scene shows a growing connection between the father and son. In a prior episode not long before baby Jack was born in Season 3, Kate accidentally sold Toby’s original toys when they were preparing the nursery. He got upset because his plan had always been to introduce his future son to the franchise he’s loved since childhood. Ultimately, Kate bought replacements, allowing Toby to live out this moment in the most recent episode.

Listening to Jack’s Tape

This Is Us Kevin

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The Big 3 were surprised to hear Jack’s voice on the tape they found in their family time capsule since they believed it was Rebecca’s item. Throughout their reactions to his words, we can’t help but recall Kate’s audition tape that survived the house fire in which Jack observes his daughter sing with adoration in his eyes. It’s little remaining tokens like this that maintain the patriarch’s presence in the Big 3’s lives.

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Rebecca Retrieves

This Is Us Rebecca

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In a role reversal, Rebecca (Mandy Moore) is the savior in this episode when she snatches Jack’s discarded drawing from he waste bin. Her action could be compared to Jack’s retrieval of the photo albums and home videos that were still inside their burning house in Season 2. Without her saving the drawing, it would have never led to the Pearson’s future which was teased in this episode’s final moments.

“To Build a Home”

This Is Us the cabin

(Credit: NBC)

As the Big 3 prepare to leave the cabin, Kevin admires the hillside and remarks that he understands what Jack saw in his vision. While this is taking place the song “To Build a Home” plays in the background, the tune by The Cinematic Orchestra originally played in the episode “That’ll Be the Day” over the scene in which the Pearson home catches fire. Instead of showing destruction this time though, it shows the building of a new home as the structure materializes on the hillside.

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