Investigators Continue Work to Exonerate Inmates in 'Wrong Man' Season 2 (VIDEO)

Rick and Christina Gables

Starz's series Wrong Man, from acclaimed award-winning filmmaker Joe Berlinger, is back for a second season examining cases of inmates who have been incarcerated for decades and claim they’re innocent.

In Season 2, premiering Sunday, February 9, three new cases are re-investigated with the help of an esteemed and engaging group of experts: renowned civil rights attorney Ron Kuby, former prosecutor Sue-Ann Robinson, retired NCIS investigator Joe Kennedy and Ira Todd of Detroit’s elite Homicide Task Force. Together, they are joined by local investigators who take us on a verité journey to hunt for new evidence, track down witnesses, interview often reluctant law enforcement, and spend time with the families of the incarcerated.

In the Season 2 premiere episode, "Vonda Smith: The Case Against Grandma," when 21-year old Jessie Morrison is brutally beaten to death, police zero in on Vonda Smith, the grandmother of one of Jessie’s children, and find Jessie’s blood in Vonda’s car. The Wrong Man team explores whether Vonda may have been wrongfully convicted, based on a shoddy investigation and circumstantial evidence.

Vonda claimed that she had lent Jessie her car that day and that she saw Jessie’s boyfriend return it and get into a white van. She also said that when she launched her own investigation into the crime, Jessie’s real killer attacked her one night and told her to mind her own business.

Wrong Man, Season Premiere, Sunday, February 9, 9:50/8:50c, Starz