‘Liv and Maddie’: Erik Estrada Disapproves of ‘Dump Truck’ (VIDEO)

Liv and Maddie Erik Estrada
Disney Channel

It’s tough enough for a teenager to get her dad to approve of her boyfriend. But imagine how Andie Bustamante feels: Her boyfriend’s nickname is “Dump Truck,” and her father was a CHP motorcycle officer in a former life.

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Erik Estrada of CHiPs plays Mr. Bustamante in this exclusive clip from the May 22 episode of Disney Chanel’s Liv and Maddie, where Andie (Victoria Moroles) enlists her Liv and Maddie’s mom, Karen (Kali Rocha) to vouch for Dump Truck (Shak Ghacha) who has known him for years and doesn’t think he’s a “crumbum,” as Mr. Bustamante puts it.

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“Working on a family comedy is always totally fun,” Estrada said in a statement. “Liv and Maddie was no exception—the cast and crew were great!! I felt right at home, playing Andie’s dad, because I have teenage daughter in real life too.”

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