Gordon Ramsay Checks Back In to ‘Hotel Hell’

Hotel Hell, Gordon Ramsay
James Dimmock / FOX
HOTEL HELL: Award-winning chef and hospitality expert Gordon Ramsay returns for season 3 of HOTEL HELL premiering Monday, May 24 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: James Dimmock / FOX © 2106 FOX Broadcasting Co

He is the one who knocks. And mocks.

Gordon Ramsay returns for the third season of Fox’s dread-and-breakfast reality series and this time, the Hell’s Kitchen host who should come with trigger warnings whenever he’s around risotto or beef wellington is taking it “up to another level” as he spends 24 very pesky hours in various lodgings. And by adding a swab test to his investigations of just how filthy these places can be, you can be assured that we’re in for a season of screaming cleaning staffers, crying innkeepers and Ramsay at his ragey best.

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Among the spots he visits are a lodge operated by a couple whose marriage is as run-down as their facility, a hoarder’s getaway and a castle where you can bet the china isn’t crooning “Be Our Guest.” Here’s an exclusive look at the upcoming season, which begins on Tuesday, May 24th.