Louis CK: ‘I’m So Not Broke’ and I Didn’t Cancel ‘Horace and Pete’

TV Tattle
TV Tattle

Louis CK: “I’m so not broke” and I didn’t cancel Horace and Pete

The comedian isn’t happy with recent media coverage of Horace and Pete, telling Bill Simmons that his remarks to Howard Stern that he’s “millions of dollars in debt right now”  because of his self-made TV show have been misinterpreted as him being broke. “I borrowed money to make the show, which is every TV show ever made — they’re all in debt,” he says. He also complained about the internet’s misleading headlines. “’Louis CK lost all his money on Horace and Pete and it was a total failure’ is very clickable,” he says. The Louie star also took issue with some websites describing his ending Horace and Pete as a cancelation. A cancelation, he says, is “a radically different idea.”

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