‘Aaron Hernandez: An ID Murder Mystery’ Investigates the NFL Star’s Tragic Demise

Courtesy Investigation Discovery

The story of Aaron Hernandez is one of the most stunning falls from grace in recent history. Once hailed as a hero for the New England Patriots, Hernandez is now viewed as an American tragedy. Aaron Hernandez: An ID Murder Mystery premieres Monday, January 20 on Investigation Discovery.

After beginning a promising NFL career at the young age of 20, Hernandez was thrown into the limelight. But few could ever imagine that a three short years later, he would be on trial and convicted of murder.

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Football and sports fans alike were perplexed as to how a professional football player with a growing family and promising career could resort to such violence off the field. As the investigation unfolded and his story unraveled, more unknown factors were brought to the forefront. The public was exposed to the dangerous inner-workings of Hernandez’s psyche, seeing the anger, secrets and struggles that simmered beneath the All-American façade.

The three-hour special explores how Hernandez went from professional football player to violent killer, delving into multiple murder investigations beginning with the murder of Odin Lloyd, and quickly expanding to a second investigation into the double-homicide of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado and ending with the alleged shooting of Alexander Bradley.

Aaron Hernandez: An ID Murder Mystery, Premiere, Monday, January 20, 9/8c, Investigation Discovery