Luna Blaise & Matt Long Break Down ‘Manifest’s Romantic Complications (VIDEO)

Everything’s complicated on Manifest, from dealing with the death date to an 828 baby to these characters’ love lives.

And Olive (Luna Blaise), while not a passenger on the flight, has to deal with all of that because she’s a Stone. For example, Blaise compared her character’s feelings regarding her father (Ben) and a father figure (Danny) to “tug-of-war” when she and Matt Long sat down with TV Insider’s Jim Halterman during the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour.

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'Manifest's Josh Dallas Teases 'a Big Shift in Ben's Thinking' (VIDEO)

'Josh Dallas' breaking point would be way, way sooner [than Ben's],' the star says.

“She’s had this father figure in her life for five-and-a-half years but then her dad comes back out of thin air and [she’s] expected to go back to him,” she explained. “It’s hard, but at the same time, Olive loves Danny, but she also really loves her dad.”

So maybe it’s a good thing the teen will have someone to lean on: a possible love interest. “She re-meets TJ, who was on Flight 828 who she met in Jamaica,” Blaise previewed. “You can definitely see some sparks happening.”

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And speaking of relationships, what’s to come with the Zeke-Michaela-Jared love triangle? “It gets deeper and more personal,” Long teased. “Some decisions are made that have huge implications.”

Watch the video above for more about their characters’ love lives and to find out what they know (and don’t know) about Flight 828 and how the series will end.

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