‘The Ranch’ Part 8 Trailer Teases the Emotional Final Episodes (VIDEO)


The Ranch is preparing to say goodbye with Season 4’s second half — the series’ Part 8 — debuting Friday, January 24 on Netflix.

It will be the show’s final set of episodes, and the trailer is setting an emotional tone right out of the gate. The ranch is out of Colt’s (Ashton Kutcher) hands and the newly released trailer teases the ways in which he’ll deal with that.

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'The Ranch' Part 8: Netflix Announces Premiere Date for Final Episodes

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Beau (Sam Elliott) says, “We’ve got to move out of here in 60 days,” but Colt is upset when he realizes it will belong to someone else after that. “That’s what happens when you sell something,” Beau tell hims, “the other person gets it.”

In the synopsis for Part 8, we learn viewers will see Iron River Ranch in a competitor’s hands with more trouble on the horizon. Banding together, Colt, Beau, Abby (Elisha Cuthbert) and the rest of the Bennett clan will face the uncertain future.

(Credit: Netflix)

They’ll get through the hard times by supporting each other, and sharing laughter along the way. Below, check out the official trailer and don’t miss The Ranch‘s final episodes when they arrive this month on Netflix.

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