Will Pac-North Be the Next ‘Grey’s’ Spinoff? Plus, More ‘Station 19’ Crossovers

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After more than a decade, the Grey’s Anatomy universe expanded to Station 19, but could there be another spinoff coming?

In Season 16, Alex (Justin Chambers) has been attempting to turn around Pacific Northwest General with Richard (James Pickens Jr.). He’s even recruited Owen (Kevin McKidd), and it seems he tries to do the same with anyone who steps foot on the hospital’s property. But it’s nothing more than part of Grey’s right now — and that will likely remain the case.

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“I’m not spinning it off,” showrunner Krista Vernoff told TVLine. As she explained, it came about because of the Season 15 finale, in which Bailey (Chandra Wilson) fired Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), and the fact that they couldn’t just bring them all back. “We had to come up with what might really happen, and Pac-North was born,” she continued.

And Pac-North will continue to be part of the season’s storylines, with Vernoff previewing “fun plans” for the place she called “a mess.” So far, they’ve uncovered a mass grave. Who knows what else could happen?

(ABC/Kelsey McNeal)

But while fans can’t look forward to another Grey’s series, there are plenty of crossovers with Station 19 coming up. The two series will be joining forces on January 23 after a car crashed into Joe’s bar, where characters from both shows were at the end of the Grey’s fall finale.

And that’s not the only crossover coming this season. “We will have throughout Season 4 tentpole events that revolve around big emergencies that would naturally start with first responders (on Station 19) and end up in the hospital (on Grey’s) and will take the storytelling to a two-hour block,” ABC Entertainment President Karey Burke revealed during TCA. Grey’s Anatomy is moving to 9/8c when the series returns from its winter hiatus, with Station 19 taking over its former 8/7c time slot.

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From relationships to heartbreak and a crazy cliffhanger, the fall finale linked the two ABC shows even more.

“You will start to see relationships emerge between characters that exist in the Station world and the Grey’s world in really organic ways,” Burke also previewed.

We’ve started to see that, with the new romance that developed between Jackson (Jesse Williams) and Vic (Barrett Doss) earlier in Grey’s Season 16. And we already have Bailey and Ben’s (Jason George) marriage. Who might be next?

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