‘Pick of the Litter’ Sneak Peek: Puppy Raisers Check on Their Progress (VIDEO)

Disney+’s docuseries, Pick of the Litter, is staying on course as the pups continue their training to become Guide Dogs for the Blind.

The latest episode of the series, “Next Level Training,” sees the dogs advance in their program and we have an exclusive first look. The families raising the puppies are eager to see where they’re at, and in the clip above, you can see them react to the dogs’ current statuses.

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The series, based on the film of the same name, features the stories of service animals, trainers, and human companions. Following six dogs — Paco, Pacino, Tulane, Raffi, Amara and Tartan — the show continues to follow their journey in this fourth installment.

As for what fans of the new show can expect from this episode, the training dogs advance, Amara’s fate is determined, and Raffi is returned for formal training. In the special segment above, the families raising the pups sit down together and log online to check in on their progress.

(Credit: Disney+)

Needless to say, their reactions are priceless as they beam with pride over the dogs’ positive reports. Don’t miss the moments, check out the exclusive clip and tune in for Pick of the Litter‘s latest episode when it streams on Disney+.

Pick of the Litter is produced by ABC Studios and executive produced by Dana Nachman, Don Hardy, Mary Celenza and Josh and Dan Braun.

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