Does Alex Honnold Eat Ants While ‘Running Wild With Bear Grylls’? (VIDEO)

When you’re hiking through the wild, sometimes it’s hard to find a snack — unless you’re willing to eat what’s crawling around you.

That’s the lesson for Free Solo star and climbing legend Alex Honnold in TV Insider’s exclusive sneak peek at his appearance on Running Wild With Bear Grylls.

“These will give you a good nip,” Bear Grylls tells Honnold when they come across an ant nest. “But you can eat them.” He offers the guest star one with, “They have that zing.”

“If I really wanted to eat ants, I feel like I would have in the past, but if someone offers you a snack, it’d be rude to say no,” Honnold says, but will he eat one? Watch the clip above to find out and to see what he describes as “satisfying.”

(National Geographic/Ben Simms)

In this episode, Honnold joins Grylls for an adventure through the Swiss Alps. The climbing legend may be no stranger to dizzying heights, but he’s not used to falling from them, so the journey begins with a skydive into the jagged mountains. Then, they tackle a six-mile trek through craggy valleys and sheer cliffs, and Honnold takes Grylls on a hair-raising climb.

Running with Bear Grylls, Tuesdays, 10/9c, National Geographic