‘God Friended Me’: Can Miles Help Guest Star Judd Hirsch Find a Watch From His Past? (VIDEO)

God Friended Me kicks off 2020 with a special guest star and an important mission for Miles (Brandon Micheal Hall).

Judd Hirsch plays the newest friend suggestion, Abe, a Holocaust survivor looking for information on his sister’s face, in “A New Hope.” TV Insider has an exclusive sneak peek that reveals what he needs to get at least one step closer to those answers.

Abe needed quite a bit of money for one reason: a pocket watch. “That’s no ordinary watch,” he tells Miles and Joy (Jessica Lu). It belonged to his father, who gave it to his sister, Rose, to hide. “The last time I saw that watch was 1944, on the train to Auschwitz, which is where both my parents died,” he reveals.

Watch the clip above to find out what happened to him and his sister on the train and why it’s so important he find that watch.

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“That is going to be a tearjerker,” Violett Beane told TV Insider of this episode. “It’s a really heartwarming story about a brother and a sister who lost each other and never thought they would find each other. Judd is great. Oh my gosh, he was fabulous. That’s a really, really sweet episode.”

Also in the winter return, Miles discovers a new clue about who’s behind the God Account when Joy reveals that his friend suggestions — including Abe — have all been clients of the same insurance company.

(David Giesbrecht/CBS)

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