Starz Unveils ‘Outlander’ Season 5 Opening Credit Sequence With a Few Surprises (VIDEO)

Outlander Season 5 2020

Outlander fans were in for quite a holiday surprise when Starz unveiled a sneak peek at Season 5 on Christmas day.

As a treat to their loyal viewers, the premium channel released a new opening credits sequence from the upcoming chapter of the time-traversing romantic drama chronicling the story of Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe).

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We share some of our favorites, from sweet moments to steamy exchanges.

Featuring a fresh take on the show’s theme, “The Skye Boat Song,” a chorus of voices perform the tune originally introduced by Bear McCreary and Raya Yarbrough. As with past seasons, the tone of the song takes on notes synonymous with the time and setting where much of the action takes place, and in this case that continues to be colonial America with revolution on the horizon.

Some information about the season can usually be learned from the sequences that have changed slightly from year to year. This version holds the biggest changes, mainly because Balfe and Heughan’s roles as stars have expanded in Season 5 as they also take on producing.

(Credit: Starz)

Meanwhile, their characters Claire and Jamie are front and center in the beginning of the segment, and Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin‘s Brianna and Roger make a brief appearance as well. Locations and other hints are also revealed, and is it just us, or does the jewel-admiring man in the clip look an awful lot like presumed-dead pirate, Stephen Bonnet (Ed Speleers)?

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6 Biggest Takeaways From the 'Outlander' Season 5 Sneak Peek (PHOTOS)

Male bonds are solidified in the first scenes from the upcoming chapter.

Check out the clip below and don’t miss the credits sequence in action when Outlander returns next year on Starz.

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