‘The Blacklist’ EPs Tease Liz’s Big Realization in the Fall Finale

The Blacklist - Season 7
Will Hart/NBC

Can The Blacklist‘s FBI agent Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone) have any more of a dysfunctional family?

Once again, we’re in the dark about the man functioning as her foster dad, a criminal turned Fed asset (James Spader) who stole the identity of her biological father, Raymond Reddington. Meanwhile, Liz’s equally formidable and dangerous mother, onetime Soviet spy Katarina Rostova (Laila Robins, above left, with Boone), is holding another former KGB agent hostage at the moment — and she has a huge price on her head by an international crime syndicate known as the Townsend Directive.

At least The Blacklist‘s heroine has some intel. “Liz realizes the nice lady living next door is more than she appears to be,” says executive producer John Eisendrath. Yes, Liz will finally learn the babysitter for daughter Agnes is her own mommy dearest, long believed to be dead. Tonight’s winter finale, he adds, “is about Liz deciding what to do about that fact.”

Adds fellow exec producer Jon Bokenkamp: “The story of Red, Katarina and Liz — which has been sort of a spy drama — breaks into the open over the family triangle. The three are pitted against one another. They’ll have to choose sides.”

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The actor also teases what to expect with Katarina Rostova.

Our advice to Liz: Watch your back around both parental units.

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