Hannah Brown Talks Her ‘DWTS’ Comeback & Tyler Cameron’s Support

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Sure, it’s said most ever year, but this season of Dancing With the Stars truly appears to be the most competitive ever! The show’s judges have finally broken out their “10” paddles and stars are fighting to keep their place on the show as Season 28 progresses.

After receiving some tough talk from the judges, Hannah Brown (The Bachelorette) stepped up her game in her last dance, a quick step to her favorite song, “American Girl,” scoring an impressive 29 (out of 30 points). Judge Carrie Ann Inaba dubbed Brown’s performance the “comeback of the season”!

TV Insider was on the scene at the show’s most recent taping when Brown spoke to reporters about her dance, moving forward into the competition, not faking a “showmance” with pro partner Alan Bersten, and that supportive Instagram post from her Bachelorette runner-up Tyler Cameron. Read on to get her insights.

On why she was so honest about her struggles in the competition

“I think it was all kind of boiling up. It didn’t feel like I’ve been able to give my heart [up until now]. I’m not scared to be vulnerable and I wasn’t able to do that. There was a disconnect with different things, nothing to do with Alan…maybe song choices and things? It didn’t feel like me, exactly. This week, I got to go back home and be with the people who made me feel who I am today. Doing that was necessary to get that second wind back and I think that worked. Like I said, I am always vulnerable and I’ll always be honest. Whenever somebody is right, they are! And I’ll be able to say that. I was able to give more of myself [as a result].”

On why she didn’t feel like she was being herself

“I am very open to telling my story, but I want it to be my story and I want it to feel like me. I want to go out every week and showcase a little piece of my heart. I didn’t feel like I was doing that. I think people could see the disconnect in that and I could feel it, too. I never want that to be an issue. That’s how I got here – being able to connect with other people and the audience. So, I’m really glad I got to do that.”

On if being a part of Bachelor Nation and DWTS has increased her confidence

“[My confidence levels] have come and gone in waves. I have grown so much. I grew so much from the Bachelor and the Bachelorette experiences to be this really confident woman who makes choices and decisions I never thought I’d have to [make]. Maybe a younger Hannah wouldn’t have made them? I’m really proud of the choices I’ve made [more recently]. Doing back-to-back shows and showing your real-life and having to maneuver that…was a tough transition for me. Doing something different that is very new to me can knock down my confidence. It’s been a really good experience to be able to have all my emotions and it’s been a rollercoaster to have all my emotions be released.”

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On fans shipping her with partner Alan

“I don’t feel pressure at all [to do a ‘showmance’]. It’s something [Alan and I] both talked about very openly from the beginning. We are both very focused on what this show is about — building a partnership. That’s really helped us. We’ve become best friends. He and I hang out all the time.”

On if she’ll try out hosting after DWTS

“I’ve had some opportunities to take my spin on hosting and we’ll see how that goes. [Going on tour with the pro dancers] would be fun. I have some other things that I’m working on…dreams I’ve always had even before being in this position. So, I think it’ll be great for me to focus on moving forward.”

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On Bachelor Nation pal Demi Burnett’s continued support

“It is so great to know that there will be a face in the crowd that I know. I’ve been lucky to have so many friends and family come out and support me each week, but [Demi’s and my] dynamic is perfect. I think we are …the craziest mess of friends, but somehow it works. We’ve both been through a lot. We’ll always have each other’s back whether we agree or not. I’m so proud of her being honest and for making choices that are right for her this time. I can’t wait to see what’s next for her. I’m happy and proud that she’s been here through this amazing experience for me.”

On Bachelorette runner-up Tyler Cameron’s Instagram comment for Hannah

“That was really nice of him to support me. Any support [I receive], I’m very thankful for.”


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