‘Shark Tank’: A Milkshake Company Brings Mark Cuban to the Yard (RECAP)

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On tonight’s episode of Shark Tank, four hopeful companies — Baubles + Soles, Dog Threads, Peanut Butter Pump, and The Yard — pitched their business ideas to Robert Herjavec, Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John, and Lori Greiner with the hopes of landing a deal. Read on for all of the highlights from Episode 7.

Baubles + Soles

First up, Lisa Nguyen, along with her husband, Duc, pitched their children’s shoe company that offers an interchangeable design which takes each pair from casual to formal wear. Seeking $100,000 for 15% of their company, the couple explained that each pair of shoes from their line is machine washable and offer endless possibilities.

Daymond was the first shark to go out, explaining that the inventory the company will need to keep in stock due to all of the shoe sizes is a “nightmare” to keep up with. “In my business, the thing that has killed more people than the plague has been inventory,” he said.


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Being on @sharktankabc to pitch our start-up, #baublesandsoles, was an absolute dream-come-true. And to be on this journey with my wonderful hubby @aveclumiereproductions and our baby girl #kaiakt – nothing could have been better. While the type-A side of my brain wish that some things had gone differently, I am grateful grateful grateful for this extraordinary adventure and moment-in-time. A big thank you to our friends who made this journey possible – @kim_in_ga from our factory; @shawnayamamoto for the gorgeous set, mama bosses @heyitsbluish and @kaseybluekids for providing the kids clothes, @vlaqoc and Miss Audrey for joining us on set, @ezpzfun and @tamarajmitchell for the intro; and so many of my friends who chipped in and helped us with the pitch and prep – @cillydreamr @kylosophy @binarytiggy @j.eeaassyy @sumitabatra and my fellow accelerators from EOA Orange County. Tune in this Sunday to see how it all went down. #grateful

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“You have to find a way to market this, and you haven’t found that yet,” Mark added, before also going out.

The company didn’t pique Robert’s interest, saying it was a “cute product” but he doesn’t “love” the business. Lori and Kevin followed suit, leaving Baubles + Soles without a deal in the tank. Or so we thought… Lisa fought back and asked the sharks if there was anything she could do to lessen the risk of a deal, as she’s confident it’s going to be a successful business.

The fight in her appealed to Daymond, who came back in and offered $100,000 for 25% stake — which the couple happily accepted.

“She’s not going to quit, she’s not going to stop,” he said.

Dog Threads

Next up was Scott and Gina Davis seeking $250,000 for 17% of their company, Dog Threads, a fashion line that offers matching styles for the entire family, including pets.


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What a dream come true! We have been such fans of @sharktankabc since it first aired on TV — and now to be pitching to the sharks ourselves is beyond amazing! Thank you for all of your positive wishes and good vibes ✨✨✨ make sure to watch @sharktankabc this Sunday at 8pm CST to see us pitch our dream company @shopdogthreads to the famous investors! #dogthreads #sharktank

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The couple explained that they searched for clothes for their adorable puppy, but only came across cheap and tacky looking pieces. “I wouldn’t wear that, so why would I dress [my pet] in that?” Gina asked.

With projections of $240,000 in sales this year alone after only a $500 investment, the analysts at Bitcoin Profit say this company is on the right track. However, it wasn’t enough to reel in some of the sharks. Lori, Daymond, and Robert all couldn’t see the vision, so opted to go out. Mark, on the other hand, saw a licensing opportunity, and decided to offer them $250,000 for 30% and promised to connect them with the Mavs licensing department. Kevin chimed in as well, interested in throwing out an offer, however Mark warned the couple not to hear out another offer as his may be fleeting.

Instead, they decided to counter Mark with a revised deal of $250,000 for 25%, which he accepted.

Peanut Butter Pump

Next up was Andy Scherer, seeking $200,000 for 15% of his company, Peanut Butter Pump. Quite literally, Peanut Butter Pump is a pump that makes spreading peanut butter easy and mess-free. Gone are the days of struggling to scoop out the last bit of peanut butter from the bottom of the jar.


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Is this pump the best product for your peanut butter spreading needs? 🤔 #SharkTank

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In 30 days, The Peanut Butter pump impressively did $100,000 in sales, but the sharks still couldn’t wrap their heads around the product, leaving Andy without a deal.

“I’m sorry, I don’t think people need a pump to get their peanut butter out of a jar,” said Lori while giggling at the concept.

Even Kevin, who referred to himself as a peanut butter connoisseur, couldn’t grasp why anyone would buy the product.

The Yard

Chelsea, Logan, and Ally were the final entrepreneurs in the tank, seeking $400,000 for 10% of their Instagram-worthy milkshake bar, The Yard.

“We knew people would love our milkshakes, but we didn’t think people would line around the block to wait for one,” they said.


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Will these milkshakes bring all the Sharks to the tank? 😋 #SharkTank

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The milkshakes, which are made in a mason jar and decorated with a variety of sweet treats, retail for $14-20, with the largest size sold for $50.

The entrepreneurs have four locations of The Yard currently open, however they shocked the sharks when they revealed that this deal wouldn’t include any of the existing stores.

“I’m not getting the stores that are already working? This story just became really bad all of a sudden,” Robert said, however the entrepreneurs said they’d be willing to add the existing stores in the deal if that would be a deal-breaker otherwise.

Kevin offered $400,000 for 15% stake in the franchise business and the corporately owned locations. Lori offered $400,000 for 12.5%, but added that she’d need stake in the existing locations as well.

Mark chimed in with a deal, but stated that he’s fine with the entrepreneurs owning the four stores on their own. “I want you guys to use the $400,000 to open up units and I want 25%, not of the existing units, but of the new business,” he said. They countered with 20%, to which Mark countered back with 22%. And they made a deal!

“Let’s eat!” Mark said.

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