God Just Wrote His Ending of the Winchesters’ Story on ‘Supernatural’

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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 15, Episode 4 of Supernatural, “Atomic Monsters.”]

Before Supernatural confirmed Chuck (Rob Benedict) is God, he was seemingly a prophet, who used his visions of Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) to write a series of books based on their lives.

And after he seeks out his ex-girlfriend and number one fan, Becky (Emily Perkins), Chuck returns to his writing. She realizes soon enough that he wants her to feed his ego, but she’s in a much better place (thanks to counseling). He’s feeling lost, he admits, after a falling out with the Winchesters and rejection from his sister. So, she suggests that he return to what makes him happy: “Writing. Creating.”

But that’s different for him, since he can no longer see Sam and Dean in his head. With her encouragement, he does begin to write: “Sam and Dean approach…” Though she initially claims it’s great, he pushes for criticism and gets it.

“The jeopardy is feeling a little thin, low-stakes,” she begins. “It’s fun to hear the boys’ voices, but a story is only as good as its villain. These villains are just not feeling very dangerous.” That’s not all. He hasn’t even mentioned Castiel (Misha Collins), “the climax is a little stale,” and the villain’s monologue isn’t the best.

And so he sits back down at her computer to give her the “danger” she wants — or he thinks she wants, at least. “You can’t,” she insists, horrified, after reading his new writing. “This is just an ending.” He’s still working out how he’ll get to it, he admits. “It’s so dark,” she protests. That’s what he likes about it: Supernatural: The End, with the cover “just a gravestone that says Winchester.”

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“It’s awful, horrible. It’s hopeless,” she argues. “You can’t do this to the fans. What you did to Dean, what you did to Sam.” In his mind, he can do anything because he’s a writer — and God, as he clues her in before making her and her family disappear with snaps of his fingers. And so he has her house to himself as he continues gleefully writing what he considers a “good” story for the Winchesters.

But what is that story? What tragedy will befall the Winchesters next at his hands? Could Chuck’s planned ending be tied in any way to the vision and dream Sam had in the premiere and has at the beginning of “Atomic Monsters”?

The episode opens with a rugged Dean fighting demons in the bunker and coming across fallen soldiers on his side, including Benny. And the one responsible for the carnage? Sam, who also took out Bobby and Jody. “They tried to stop me, but I will not be stopped,” he tells his brother. Dean blames the demon blood, but Sam refuses to fight it and instead snaps a couple more necks, including Dean’s. It’s exactly what Sam saw when Castiel tried to heal the gunshot wound he received after shooting Chuck. And then he wakes up.

But what does it mean? Could this be the ending Chuck has in mind or an ending for the Winchesters that occurred in one of the universes he previously abandoned? It is eerily similar to what we saw of Samifer in Season 5’s “The End.”

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Whatever it is, Chuck’s ending doesn’t sound like something anyone wants to see play out for Sam and Dean.

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