Where Has Ellen DeGeneres Been? Why the Daytime Host Keeps Missing Her Show

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

If you’ve tuned in to The Ellen DeGeneres Show lately and noticed that the charismatic host is nowhere to be found, you’re not alone. Guest hosts including Howie Mandel, Justin Hartley, and tWitch have recently filled in for the 61-year-old, leaving fans wondering what’s happened to her.

“Why has Ellen missed so many shows? Every time I turn it on, there’s a guest host,” one fan tweeted, while another asked, “Is Ellen actually still hosting The Ellen Show? She has a guest host like every other day.”

So, where has Ellen been these days? Well, she’s likely just taking a couple of days off from work just like everyone else. Back in September, the comedian addressed why she’s been having guest hosts temporarily take her place.

“Throughout the season, I’ve had wonderful people filling in for me as guest hosts. It’s a tradition that dates back to Johnny Carson, he would have guest hosts all the time. And I like to follow tradition, especially if it involves me missing work,” she joked.

“You know how you can call in sick to work if you don’t feel well? I can’t do that,” she continued. “So for 15 seasons, I have been here everyday, even when I’m sick or have a bad back or get a paper cut. I mean, I’m a hero. I work in day in and day out to bring you some of the best entertainment a show can ever offer, so I decided that once in a while I need to take a day off… to run errands or buy a house.”

It definitely makes sense that Ellen would bring in guest hosts so she’s able to take a day off once in a while, but that hasn’t stopped the fans from questioning her whereabouts on social media — and even coming up with some bizarre theories of their own.

One fan in particular tweeted, “Ellen keeps having guest hosts. Anyone else think she’s pregnant?”

Ellen read the tweet out loud to her audience who immediately burst into laughter. “What?!” she said. “No! No one else thinks that. Why are you jumping to that conclusion?”

All jokes aside, Ellen has made it clear that she’s not going anywhere. “I just signed for three more years. I appreciate the concern — I’m alive, I’m well, I’m only a little bit pregnant. And I’m going to host this show for years to come,” she said.

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