‘Gotham’s Sean Pertwee to Guest Star on ‘Prodigal Son’ — What’s His Connection to Bright?

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Bright’s (Tom Payne) past is coming back to haunt him — no, not the girl in the box — on Prodigal Son.

Sean Pertwee (Gotham) has been cast in a guest-starring role, TV Insider has learned exclusively. He will play the menacing, serial obsessed Detective Owen Shannon. He once fiercely interrogated a young Bright and left a lasting, haunting impression.

And while he is no longer on the force, he still holds a bitterness towards Gil (Lou Diamond Phillips) for being the one to take down The Surgeon. He will appear in the midseason finale.

As the premiere revealed, Bright was the one to call the police on his father, Martin (Michael Sheen), when he was a child. Gil responded to the call, and Bright saved his life by warning him Martin was going to kill him. And in Episode 4, “Designer Complicity”, a video showed Gil was the one to talk to Jessica (Bellamy Young) after Martin’s arrest, in which she revealed she thought her husband’s secret was an affair.

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Bright is currently investigating his own memories to try to figure out what’s real and what’s not concerning the girl in the box he swears he found as a child. Is there another victim of The Surgeon yet to be discovered? Will he remember something from his experience with Detective Shannon that might help him?

In addition to his role as Alfred Pennyworth on Gotham, Pertwee’s previous TV credits include Elementary and Luther.

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