‘Riverdale’ Casts Fred’s Brother & Jughead’s Grandfather

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Riverdale‘s families are expanding in Season 4.

Ryan Robbins has been cast in the recurring role of Frank Andrews, Fred’s (Luke Perry) younger brother, Deadline reported. He’s described as “a blue collar, former high school football star,” so he and Archie (KJ Apa) should have that sport in common.

He’s “tough, brash, and charming” and “his temper and vices constantly get him into trouble.” He enlisted in the Army to find his own identity after living in his brother’s shadow his entire life. When we meet him, he’s been through three tours and “is haunted and in need of a home.”

Is Riverdale the best place for him to look for one? We’ll have to wait and see how he fits in, in the town, with Archie, and with Mary (Molly Ringwald), who’s sticking around after Fred’s passing.

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Episode 2 revealed more about what's to come during spring break.

We’ll also be meeting the first Forsythe Pendleton Jones, Jughead’s (Cole Sprouse) grandfather, in Episode 9 (also the midseason finale), played by Timothy Webber, according to Decider. Forsythe is “your basic grizzled hermit who lives alone in the woods” and is “ashamed of himself, riddled with guilt over his lack of achievement and his descent into the bottle.”

When Jughead finds him, his grandfather tells him about “his long-ago involvement with the Baxter Brothers franchise.”

Could the Baxter Brothers franchise be behind Forsythe going out for cigarettes and never returning to his son, like FP (Skeet Ulrich) said in “Fast Times at Riverdale High”? He also informed his son that Forsythe briefly went to Stonewall Prep.

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That scene immediately transitioned to another look at spring break, this time with the entire town looking for a missing Jughead. That can’t be a coincidence, right? Will Jughead regret transferring to Stonewall Prep after what he sees for himself and learns from his grandfather?

Whatever happens, we’re in store for a couple family reunions that should be very interesting in Season 4.

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