‘NCIS: LA’s Kensi & Deeks Are Talking About Starting a Family

Yellow Jack
Spoiler Alert
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 11, Episode 4 of NCIS: Los Angeles, “Yellow Jack.”]

It may take Kensi (Daniela Ruah) and Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) some time, but they do eventually have the conversations and take the steps they need to on NCIS: Los Angeles. Remember when they had trouble acknowledging they had a “thing”? Now they’re married!

And in the latest episode, they begin to tackle an issue that has been a years-long conversation — having children — when Kensi thinks she may be pregnant. It’s not until they’re in the middle of an investigation into a possible Ebola outbreak that she reveals to Deeks that she’s late, but she hasn’t taken a pregnancy test. “It’s probably nothing,” she insists. She avoids talking about it for the rest of the case.

“It was a false alarm,” she tells him at the end of the day, apologizing for not talking to him. “I get it,” he assures her. “You know how I feel about having kids and you didn’t want me to get my hopes up. I wouldn’t have told me either.” And in the past, that’s where the conversation would have ended. They would have gone home, not talked about it, and maybe in a few episodes — or a year — returned to the topic or it would’ve come up during a fight at another time.

But Kensi refuses to do that this time. “I’m done not talking about it,” she says. “Avoiding the issue because we’re afraid is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. Because we don’t work with fear, right? We work with honesty.”

She then explains that she married him because she wants to tell him everything. He admits he’s afraid of losing her, but she promises “that is never happening.” And while we don’t see their conversation, kids could be in their future given their smiles over the fact that she thought she was having a baby.

The first time they seriously talked about it was in Season 7’s “The Seventh Child,” when Deeks saw a parenting magazine in Kensi’s bag. Though they briefly touched on having kids and what it would mean for their partnership, they didn’t settle on what the future held for them. (The episode did, however, end with Deeks’ first unofficial proposal.)

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Then in the Season 9 finale, Deeks tried to push Kensi to consider life beyond NCIS, but she wasn’t ready to leave — or sure if kids were in their future. It was a messy argument, which ended with him wondering if they should even get married. He joined the rest of the team in Mexico to rescue Mosley’s (Nia Long) son and suffered a head injury. As Kensi carried him, unconscious, he dreamed she was pregnant. After, in the hospital, he told her he wanted to marry her, and the wedding was back on.

But they never had the conversation they needed to about children before getting married. And it’s one they could only put off for so long. We’ll have to wait and see what the future holds for them — might that depend on how many more seasons there are of the show? — but at least they’re talking about it now.

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