Hotlanta Rises Again! ‘Ambitions’ Sets Midseason Return Date (VIDEO)

Thanksgiving isn’t the only holiday happening this November. It’s also the month fans can celebrate the return of OWN’s juicy soap, Ambitions. And we have the exclusive first look at the key art and trailer!

Picking up where we left off in August, the serial from executive producers Will Packer and Jamey Giddens finds all sorts of messy machinations in the works. First and fiercest is the amped up battle royale between catfighting college pals Stephanie Lancaster (Robin Givens) and Amara Hughes (Essence Atkins). And Amara who has clearly reached her breaking point after catching Steph in a hotel room with her man, Titus (Kendrick Cross).

Then there is Steph’s kinky husband Evan (Brian J. White), who has both a dead body to dispose of and the murder of his own father to investigate. However, we’re hearing that something shady will surface to keep Evan and his kickass sister Rondell (Brely Evans) from digging too deep into that tragedy.

And finally, Stephanie’s duplicitous designer, Bella (Erica Page), is knee-deep in her worst nightmare following the cliffhanger’s abduction of her and Evan’s love child.

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Robin Givens Spills on 'Ambitions' Midseason Finale & an Epic Pairing to Come (VIDEO)

Death, deception, and doing the nasty... it's an episode fans won't want to miss!

Got all that? Good, because so much more is heading our way on November 12, when Ambitions comes roaring back with Mara Hall (Grey’s Anatomy) on board as Rondell’s bestie-slash-cousin. Plus, get ready for soap vet Rick Hearst (General Hospital, Guiding Light) as a high-powered lawyer who has what we’re hoping is a sordid past with his old college classmate, Stephanie.

Ambitions, Midseason Premiere, Tuesday, November 12, 10/9c, OWN