The ‘Riverdale’ Parents Tease Season 4… and Each Other (VIDEO)

The teens may be the ones generating all the magazine cover heat, but we all know that the parents of Riverdale are fire, too.

That’s why we were so excited to sit down with Skeet Ulrich, Madchen Amick, Marisol Nichols, Mark Consuelos and Molly Ringwald after their New York Comic Con panel earlier this month to discuss what’s coming up for their characters in Season 4.

Prison has been very different for the Lodges, hints Nichols, whose Hermione is not faring well behind bars. “No fashion… the lighting is terrible!” she exclaims of life in an orange jumpsuit.

As for Falice, well, don’t expect FP Jones to be saving the day when it comes to rescuing Alice from Edgar and The Farm. “She needs no help,” previews Ulrich, while Amick admits that Mama Cooper gets “some great redemption” in Episode 3.

According to Consuelos, other moments to look forward to include his Hiram Lodge and FP having “some fun in a bar.” And it sounds like we may actually see some interesting interactions among the moms that don’t have to do with their kids. “They have history,” explains Ringwald, before shading Hermione for taking her “seconds” in such a sassy way we’re starting to think Saint Mary Andrews is finally learning how to handle herself around these people!

Check it all out in the chat above!

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