Craig Ferguson Returns to TV With ABC Game Show ‘The Hustler’

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Craig Ferguson is returning to TV with ABC’s upcoming and newly announced game show The Hustler.

Described as a mind-bending show, comedian, actor, writer, show host and ABC alum Ferguson helps break the mold with The Hustler which will see one contestant playing the game already secretly aware of the answers. But don’t be fooled, just because they have the answers doesn’t mean they’ll win the game.

The Hustler is currently set to begin production later this fall with an air date to be announced at a later time. Each episode of the show will follow five contestants as they work together to answer trivia questions with a goal of growing a collective prize pot.

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With each correct answer, the pot will grow larger but what’s the catch? If the contestant who knows the answers is caught then they risk losing. In order to win, their knowledge of the answers has to remain a mystery to all involved.

Throughout the episodes, two contestants will anonymously be eliminated by the Hustler, leaving three contestants remaining — including the Hustler — and they’ll have to determine who the Hustler is. If they’re right, then the prize is theirs to split evenly. If two contestants are wrong, the Hustler takes home all of the money.

“It’s rare and exciting to have a mystery-based game show that employs viewers and contestants to tap into their sleuth skills,” said Rob Mills, senior vice president, Alternative Series, Specials and Late Night, ABC Entertainment. “This fun, new format is the perfect addition to our dynamic game show lineup, and Craig’s unmatched wit and humor make him the ideal host. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome him back to ABC.”

“Studio Lambert and format creator Richard Bacon are incredibly excited to partner with ABC on The Hustler,” said Studio Lambert CEO Stephen Lambert. “With Craig in the driver’s seat, the comedic beats of this game are very much to the fore. We think ABC viewers will laugh a lot but also be shocked and surprised by the twists of this game, which invites contestants and viewers to play detective, solving a whodunit or, in this case, a whoisit.”

Stay tuned for further details as production on the show starts.

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