10 Trump Impressions, Ranked From Best to Worst (VIDEO)

Saturday Night Live - Season 43 - Alec Baldwin
Will Heath/NBC
Alec Baldwin as President Donald J. Trump.

Alec Baldwin, eat your heart out? Mr. Mercedes star Brendan Gleeson has signed on the dotted line to play Donald Trump in an upcoming CBS Studios limited series based on the Jeff Comey book A Higher Loyalty. (Godless alum Jeff Daniels is playing Comey, FYI.)

While we wait for the first footage of Gleeson in character as the current POTUS, we’re counting down 10 other notable Trump impressions, starting with the least convincing.

10. Dirk Nowitzki

Suffice it to say, the former NBA MVP didn’t make a slam dunk with this impression.

9. Johnny Depp

Depp is a cinematic chameleon, but his Trump portrayal in this Funny or Die sketch is a rare miss.

8. Jon Stewart

Not perfect, but we can’t quibble with those exaggerated hand gestures—or that Cheeto dust, for that matter.

7. Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show emcee has the best Trump impression of all the current late-night hosts, in our book.

6. Taran Killam

Killam’s performance as Trump on Saturday Night Live is often overshadowed by those of the NBC show’s other players, but we’re not sleeping on it!

5. George Lopez

The comedian had Trump’s bluster down pat in this Funny or Die sketch about Donaldo Trumpez, a.k.a. The Mexican Donald Trump.

4. Jeff Bergman

Bergman’s voice might be more gravelly than Trump’s, but his performance still has us in stitches.

3. Darrell Hammond

For our money, this SNL alum is the most convincing Trump physically, if not vocally.

2. Eric Harthen

This voiceover actor’s pitch-perfect Trump imitation clearly delighted Hillary Clinton—assuming that was the real HRC on the line!

1. Alec Baldwin

Sure, the SNL pinch hitter might not have the voice down, but his presence—that open-mouthed pout in particular—more than justified the Emmy he received for the performance.