‘Sorry for Your Loss’ Sneak Peek: Leigh Gets Rid of Her Grief Hair (VIDEO)

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Six months after losing her husband, Leigh (Elizabeth Olsen) is going through some changes in Sorry for Your Loss on Facebook Watch.

And TV Insider has an exclusive sneak peek and photo (below) of Olsen for Season 2. The trailer already showed that she’s going to be saying goodbye to her “grief hair,” and in the clip, you can see the moments leading up to it.

Watch the sneak peek to see the moment Leigh declares herself ready to lose those inches of hair and for an update on Jules (Kelly Marie Tran):

In the first season of the Facebook Watch series, Leigh struggled to put her life back together after her husband’s unexpected death. Now, she’ll go through a much deeper transformation of not only her emotions, but also her wardrobe and hair, which changes from baggy and bland to trendy during Season 2.

The latter was inspired by one of the show’s writers who cut off the amount of hair they’d grown following a traumatic period in their life, showrunner and creator Kit Steinkellner reveals.

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“At the start of Season 2, we find a Leigh who is resolved to move forward, and at the end of our first episode back, she asks her mother to give her a haircut. It’s been six months since Matt died, and as Leigh figures ‘That’s three inches of grief hair and I don’t want it on my head anymore,'” she explains.

“We loved the idea of Leigh creating her own ritual, a self-imposed rite of passage that separates the first season of our show, when she was drowning in her own grief from the second season of our show, when she is determined to move through her pain,” Steinkellner continues. “Leigh needs to be able to look in the mirror and see a slightly different person staring back at her, a woman with a few inches less ‘grief hair.'”

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The first three episodes of the new season premiere on Tuesday, October 1.

Sorry for Your Loss, Season 2 Premiere, Tuesday, October 1, 3/2c, Facebook Watch