‘New Amsterdam’ Sneak Peek: Iggy Runs Into Trouble Trying to Help (VIDEO)

Iggy (Tyler Labine) finds himself in a moment where he needs Max (Ryan Eggold) to ask “how can I help?” in Tuesday’s episode of New Amsterdam.

TV Insider has an exclusive sneak peek at “The Big Picture,” and it looks like Max’s idea for a hospital-wide census to try to get to know the staff on a deeper level may not be going so well.

“They might not get it now, but as soon as people see this can improve their quality of life here at New Amsterdam, I think they’re really going to warm to it,” he says. However, Iggy presents him with a problem: the community that can’t fill out the census because they’re not allowed to use pens or pencils in an unsupervised setting. So, what’s his plan for the inmates?

Watch the clip above to see what Iggy wants to do and how it backfires.

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David Schulner also teases Iggy and Reynolds' personal lives and an upcoming cliffhanger in Season 2.

And this definitely won’t be the last time we see inmates on New Amsterdam. Executive producer David Schulner told TV Insider that, after talking about the inmates who are transferred to the hospital, the “doctors are going to Rikers Island to help those patients directly” in the fall finale. Expect to see the “ramifications” of that in Episode 10.

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