Does Harvey & Mike’s Last Con Work? ‘Suits’ Celebrates in the Series Finale (RECAP)

Suits - Season 9
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the Suits series finale, “One Last Con.”]

And with that, the Suits journey is over.

With the firm’s future on the line, Harvey (Gabriel Macht), Donna (Sarah Rafferty), Louis (Rick Hoffman), Mike (Patrick J. Adams), Samantha (Katherine Heigl), Alex (Dulé Hill), Katrina (Amanda Schull), and Gretchen (Alona Wright) put everything on the line to take Faye (Denise Crosby) down once and for all in the series finale.

And once they take care of that, it’s time to celebrate — for more reasons than they initially realize.

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Faye’s Gone

Faye remains determined to win and warns Harvey that if he doesn’t prove she was justified in firing Samantha, she’ll put him on the stand. And she’s not happy with their strategy regarding Mike’s testimony. Though it works like Harvey wanted — it looks like they’re going to win, since Harvey recalls Mike insisting Samantha fabricated evidence without proof, a gut feeling like Faye had — it’s not enough for his client.

Harvey feels he’s left with no choice but to lie on the stand. He tells Mike the truth, but Mike refuses to let it go down that way. Instead, it’s time for one last con. He in turn fills in Samantha and Robert (Wendell Pierce) and informs them it’s time to call a witness of their own: Katrina.

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Alex recruits her, but Katrina isn’t pleased since Harvey has yet to apologize for his behavior in Episode 9. She refuses to participate in an extortion scheme, but all they need her to do is speak her mind. Meanwhile, Louis goes to Gretchen, who is immediately in despite the potentially serious consequences.

Before the train leaves the station, Harvey, Donna, and Louis share a moment in the bullpen, as the only ones left from Pearson Hardman. If it’s the end, there’s no one Louis would rather have by his side. Then, Harvey and Donna talk in his office, and he tells her she’s always been his “compass.” He also has an ace in the hole, but he doesn’t want to play it unless she’s good with it.

Katrina visits Faye and warns her she’ll testify if Harvey does. She’ll tell the jury that Faye asked her to use her friendship to spy on the other side and, when she refused, fired her. It would be the third time she’ll have been accused of wrongful termination. And people will believe Katrina, since Faye chose her to write the firm’s code of conduct. Faye confronts Harvey and orders him to get Katrina off the witness list. He wants their agreement in writing.

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The next day, the others are there to witness Faye signing the agreement. But just after she reads in, Mike and Samantha storm in to accuse Harvey of witness tampering by sending Katrina the criminal code for perjury. He says he stopped her from testifying like Faye wanted. Both sides yell, and Samantha even punches Harvey. Faye kicks them out and signs the paper — and learns that Gretchen switched papers on her during the “argument.” She just signed an order for Harvey to witness tamper by any means necessary. This time, it’s Louis’ turn to come to Harvey’s defense, calling him a “hero.” Harvey sends the others out of the room and tells Faye she’ll get what she wants, but not the way she wants it.

And with that, Faye is out and Louis rehires Samantha.

Louis & Sheila’s Wedding

Before the ceremony, Louis tells Stan he wants him to officiate and he’s ready for him to no longer be his therapist. He was the one to calm Harvey down after his friend lost it with Katrina.

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And it’s Harvey who induces a classic Louis freak out just before the wedding, on Sheila’s (Rachael Harris) request. Her sister can’t make it, so Donna fills in as maid of honor, and his fiancée wanted him to panic about something else first.

“Sometimes you meet two people who are so perfectly made for each other, it is hard to envision one without the other,” we hear Stan saying as Donna and Harvey walk down the aisle. “Each one complements the other, such that they are as important to each other as air and water are to life.”

And then it’s time for Louis and Sheila to say “I do” — and fast, because her water breaks. Louis doesn’t freak out, since he has an ambulance waiting to take her to the hospital.

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Harvey & Donna’s Surprise

The wedding guests sit around doing nothing since, as Donna points out, there’s nothing to celebrate. “What do you say we give them something to celebrate?” Harvey suggests. “I love you, and whether I knew it or not, I wanted to marry you from the second I met you. Donna Roberta Paulson, will you marry me right here right now?” They’ll do it again for their families another time.

“If there’s one thing I learned from my mom, it’s that I wasted too much time, first not forgiving her, then not admitting how I feel about you,” he explains. “I don’t want to waste another second.” He even has the ring his mother wanted him to have on him. She says yes. They just need time to write their vows.

“Donna, I kept my feelings inside for so long because I was afraid, but when I finally got good news, that’s when I knew you were my everything,” Harvey tells her. “I knew I could always count on you when the chips were down, I just hadn’t realized I couldn’t do without you when they were up. I’m a gambler, I always have been and I always will be. When you’re with me, my chips are always up.”

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“None of us know how much time we really have. It could be a minute, it could be an hour, it could be 50 years, but I know even if it’s 100 years, I’ll never have enough time with you,” Donna says. “You make me laugh. You make me cry. you make me crazy. but most of all, Harvey, you make me happy.”

After they say “I do” and are pronounced husband and wife, Robert announces the good news from the hospital.

Louis & Sheila Have a Daughter

Soon after Louis and Sheila arrive at the hospital, a nurse informs him that there are complications and his wife is being rushed to the OR. But luckily, mother and daughter — Louis has a daughter! — are both doing fine after the C-section.

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A nurse brings Louis his daughter, and he welcomes Lucy to the world. “I know it was a bumpy start,” he says, “but one thing’s for sure — I’m always going to love you.”

Litt Wheeler Williams Bennett

It’s time to get back to business at work, and that means one big change: a new name partner, Katrina. As Samantha points out, none of them would be there without her.

But what about Specter?

Harvey & Donna’s Big Move

The newlyweds are moving to Seattle to work with Mike and Rachel. That’s how Harvey got rid of Faye. “If there’s one thing that Faye did for me, it’s remind me of who I am,” he explains to Louis. “I like crossing lines. I like playing in the gray. But what Mike showed me, I want to do it for the good guys for a change.”

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Before they leave, Mike visits Harvey in his office for an “interview” with plenty of callbacks to his own in the pilot. It’s fun, heartwarming, and bittersweet, because Harvey’s about to leave the firm behind. He just needs a bit more time before he can say goodbye.

“You know I couldn’t have done any of this without you,” he tells Donna. Any of what, she wants to know. “Everything.”

The series ends with first Donna, joining Louis at the elevators, then Harvey (after a montage of memorable moments from the show, including ones of Meghan Markle Rachel) walking out of the office.

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